Almost finished

At this moment, the kayak is almost finished. I could not bring myself to keep this log. I did not make enough photo’s in the past half year.
The kayak has to be varnished again when it is warm. At this moment the stove produces too much dust.
The seat still has to be mounted. I will make it so that I can shift it ca. 5 cm from fore to aft. Also the footrest from Nick’s book is almost finished. It has to be varnished and then I can mount the rail. I will glue it in with ‘polymer kit’. With that stuff I mounted the footrests in my guillemot S&G kayak without screws or bolts. It is very firm and sits 5 years now.

I had difficulties with mating the two halves of the kayak. I filled the gaps with epoxy thickened with flower (for pancakes). This has the same color as the epoxied wood so you have difficulties to find the gaps. The deck is not designed but grew under my hands.

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