Building again

After a long winter stop, it was too cold in the shop, I am building again. I ripped the dark boards into small strips and also split a few poplar strips into 10 mm wide small strips that will follow some curves better.

The deck is almost planked now. Still no photo’s but they will come soon. I had a lot of trouble with beveling. The bevel at the ends had to be very big, so I decided to work around that. I started planking in the center of the deck with parallel strips which protrude over the ends and stopped with that when the bevel was smaller. The consequence is that you will see the ends of the strips and not the topside in that area.

This winter it was far to cold to work comfortable in the unheated garage. In January I tried an old stove but I had to heat more than two hours to get the temperature above 12 C (62.6 F) and that was much to long for an evening work. So I started building in March but took no time to work on this blog.

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