Fairing the hull

During planking the hull I made a lot of mistakes. The decision not to bevel was wrong. The gaps are to big.  I filled them with epoxy filler. Also the difference in thickness of the strips gave trouble and next time I have to pay a lot more attention to the lining of the adjacent strips.
I used a ROS with 60 grid sandpaper just as Rob Macks told in “I’ll whack the Hornet’s nest”. It worked very well. Shaving did not work with the very coarse grain of the poplar. To much tear out. Three evenings of 1.5 hours fairing made a nice hull. But I understand why people like shaving more then working with the ROS. It is a noisy and dusty  business. Photo’s are shown beneath.

Blanc poplar hull after fairing with the Ross. Spot in last picture needs more work.

Next job is making the external stems.

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